FREE Hallmark Cards!

Walgreen’s has cards starting at 99 cents, the ad on page 7 this week advertises a $3 register reward with the purchase of 3 cards! If you’re counting pennies, that’ll give you 3 cents back!

Go back multiple times to stock up! You can only get the register reward once per order and you can’t use the register reward on another card purchase to earn another register reward.

Did you know…..?

We have had a Prime account for about a year now and I was always frustrated because it is under my husbands account and not mine! GRRRR!!!! I don’t share well!

Today I found out that we could SHARE his Prime account! I went into his account and click on manage my prime and share and typed in my username and password and BOOM now we are sharing the benefits! You can also add up to 4 children!

How awesome is that? I had no idea!

Hyvee Aisles Review!!!!

I have heard a lot of chatter about this new Hyvee Aisles thing so I decided to try it out. This is my review.


I used my lunch break Friday to add everything to my order online. Usually I use my lunch hour to make my grocery list so I can shop on Saturday. It actually saved me time to make my list on the Hyvee website and add it to my cart.


Adding items to your cart is super simple! You can shop by ad or just type in whatever you are searching for, choose a quantity and add it to your cart!

When you are done choose whether you want it delivered or picked up. I decided on pick up. I spent over $100 so it was free either way. If I hadn’t spend $100 it would have been $2.95 for pick up and $4.95 for delivery.

I chose pick up because I wanted to do it on my terms…..I had visions of this turning into a cable guy situation where he comes anytime from 4am and 5pm on days with a w in them or something!

unnamed unnamed (1)

I called the store as I was turning into the parking lot and told them I was here to get my groceries. They asked my name and said it would be right out. I parked in the special parking spots and waited for my groceries. I timed the wait because I HATE waiting….I don’t do patience! For those of you wondering it took 5 minutes from the time my call was placed to when the guy got to my van.

The sweetest guy brought all my groceries out on a dolly and loaded them into my car. He had them in tubs, my cold and frozen items were in a tub that was like a cooler so they didn’t get warm.

I signed for using my credit card and went on my way! Tanner watched Frozen on the dvd player the whole time and didn’t have to get out of the car.

I am NEVER shopping inside the store again! This is life altering. I seriously spend 2-3 hours a week grocery shopping. With this all I had to do was take it home and put it away!

I absolutely recommend this to all the busy momma’s out there!

Amazon Prime Day Deals!!!!

Remember a few months ago when I told you to start saving up on those silly little app things like ibotta and checkout 51 and snap by groupon and also to spend a few minutes a day accumulating points on sites like bing and swagbucks because those little amounts will add up and you WILL be able to use them for something HUGE later!

WELL!!! Drum roll please~~~~~~the Kindle Fire HD 7 will be on sale 7/15 in Prime Day Sale for $60 off!

I have enough saved up this year to get this for about 20 bucks!  I am sooo pleased because one of my goals was to get this for free this year but the price probably won’t drop this low again for a long time so I’m going to dip into my savings and spend the $20!